• Aspen Song Cardinal Bird Seed - 20 lbs.

    Aspen Song Cardinal Bird Seed attracts Cardinals, Grosbeaks, Blue Jays & More For the Large Billed Birds 50% Sunflower Seed Enjoy Cardinals & Grosbeaks Up Close Premium Seeds Only Do...
  • Aspen Song Choice Blend Bird Seed - 20 lbs

    What’s the Right Bird Food To Use? Aspen Song® Choice Blend contains many of the favorite seeds and nuts of the songbirds visiting backyard feeders. It includes no filler seeds...
  • Aspen Song Sunflower Kernels Bird Seed - 20 lbs

    What’s the Right Bird Food To Use? Sunflower kernels or ‘hearts’ are sunflower seeds with the shell removed. Absence of the shell means that every species that visits bird feeders...
  • Aspen Song Ultimate Blend Bird Seed - 20 lbs

    Aspen Song® Ultimate Blend is a rich mixture of the preferred seeds of backyard birds. It contains over 45% sunflower products and over 15% nut products. Ultimate Blend is formulated...
  • Brome Bird Feeder - Squirrel Buster CLASSIC

    Four ports and wire mesh shroud allows for wide variety of perching and clinging birds to share the feeder. Capacity 1.4qts/2.4lbs
  • Brome Bird Feeder - Squirrel Buster PLUS

    Truly Squirrel-Proof™ Holds 3 quarts of seed Weight adjustable to help control unwanted birds Chew proof Lifetime Limited Warranty   Locating your feeder You can locate this bird feeder anywhere...
  • Fatwood Firestarter Bundle

    This perfect gift-size bundle is complete with a rope handle Easy to light and convenient to use all-natural, perfect kindling for the woodstove, hearth, or campfire Earth-friendly, contains a natural...
  • Firewood Bundle - Kiln Dried

    Firewood Bundles are available for Store Pickup only at Wilson Farm. 
  • Firewood Bundle - Seasoned Air Dried

    Firewood Bundles are available for Store Pickup only at Wilson Farm.
  • Garant 24" Poly Blade Snow Roof Rake

    Remove snow from roofs, awnings and skylights with the Garant roof rake. This tool has a light and resistant polyethylene blade that does not damage roofs. Its anti-slip, ultra-light aluminum...
  • Heavy Duty Firewood Log Rack

    Heavy Duty Round Black Steel Firewood Log Rack. Assembly May Be Required.
  • Lightning Nugget Firestarters Box - 50 Count

    FEATURES Guaranteed to burn for 15 minutes Great for: wooden stoves, fire pits, barbecues, chimineas, campfires, pizza ovens Just one nugget is all it takes! 50 count value pack
  • More Birds 3N1 Super Tote for Bird Seeds

    Carry, pour, and store up to 5 lbs. of bird seed with the More Birds 3N1 Super Tote! The tote's tapered pour spout easily fills feeders with no spillage or...
  • More Birds Double Suet Feeder with Weather Guard

    The More Birds Double Suet Feeder with Weather Guard is the perfect way to offer healthy treats to woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees and more! The cage holds 2 suet cakes and...
  • More Birds High Capacity Seed Diverter Bird Feeder

    The More Birds Seed Diverter Bird Feeder is easy to fill and holds over 5 lbs. of seed. The seed diverter helps move seed into feeding area. Equipped with drainage...
  • Rugg Heavy Duty Snow Shovel with Blade

    Straight vinyl covered steel handle. Molded D-grip. Poly combo blade. Non-abrasive, safe for all surfaces. Made in the Leominster MA, USA.
  • Vaporizer Ice Melt - Calcium Chloride (2 Sizes)

    Calcium Chloride Pellet is the most effective ice and snow melting product available. Vaporizer Calcium Pellet works instantly and lasts long. Gentle on lawns and plants Requires approximately 3 times...
    From $12.99
  • Vaporizer Ice Melt - Pet Safe

    Non-Toxic, Safe for Pets– Formula does not generate heat – Will not burn or irritate paws. Melts Down to -15°F Melts more ice/snow at lower temperatures than any of our...
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