Turkeys, Turkey Breasts, Brined Turkeys & Organic Turkeys

The Wilson Family proudly sells the absolute finest fresh turkeys available anywhere. These Jaindl's Family Farm-raised turkeys are raised on corn, wheat & soybeans in open large barns, not cages, on their own farms. Our fresh turkeys range from 10 lbs. to 32.9 lbs. Recommended serving size per person: 1 ½ lbs. Turkey Breasts come 4-7.9, 8-9.9, 10-11.9 and have a full cavity, perfect for stuffing.

Fresh, Cooked, & Smoked Turkeys

Our cooked and smoked turkeys are the highest quality birds you’ll find, hailing from Plainville in New York. Cooked turkeys range in size from 14-15.9 lbs and smoked turkeys are between 10 and 14 lbs. Both the Cooked and Smoked Turkeys are precooked and need to be re-heated before serving.

Fresh Turkeys: 10-32.9 lbs. $3.49/lb.
Fresh Turkey Breasts- 3.5-7/8-11 lbs. $5.49/lb.
Fresh Brined Turkeys: 16-17.9lbs. $4.79/lb.
Fresh Organic Turkeys: 16-17.9lbs. $6.49/lb.
Cooked Turkeys: 14-15.9 lbs. $4.59/lb.
Smoked Turkeys: 10-13.9 lbs. $4.59/lb.
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